Nine hamsters abandoned in sealed box

The RSPCA is investigating after nine hamsters were found abandoned in a sealed box in a Rotherham park.

The charity was called on Friday (19 February) after a member of the public found the hamsters inside a closed box which was covered in nibbled holes and bite marks.

RSPCA animal and rescue officer Liz Braidley who went to collect the hamsters said: “They’d been abandoned together inside the box with nothing but food scattered all over the bottom. The hamsters had been chewing at the cardboard to try and escape but, thankfully, were found just in time.

“The member of the public found them in a local park, took them home and moved them to another cage to take care of them before calling different charities to see who could help. Five had been taken in by a centre we work closely with while four have remained in our care at RSPCA Manchester & Salford branch.

“They’re really lucky to have been found and rescued when they were because they would have been very vulnerable to other animals and could have easily been killed or died due to the cold temperatures at night.”

The hamsters are now being cared for by staff and will remain with the charity and specialist centre until they’re ready to be rehomed.

Liz added: “Syrian hamsters are naturally solitary animals and shouldn’t be kept with others or in groups. Unfortunately, that means that these hamsters had been fighting. The four males were covered in fighting wounds while the five females are all pregnant so we’re preparing for the arrival of many more hamsters soon.”

Anyone with information about these hamsters should call the RSPCA’s inspector appeal line on 030 123 8018.