Now kids aren’t the only ones who get to know the Nerf fun

Nerf Dog toys have introduced a new Translucent Tennis Ball Blaster to their rapidly growing brand.

Nerf Dog has changed the whole game of tech with their new high-powered Translucent Tennis Ball Blaster, which launches your dog’s favorite fetching ball over 50ft in the air.

It also enables you to pick the ball back without any need to use your hands, which means no more slobbery tennis balls to deal with.

The Nerf Dog Blaster works with standard tennis balls, or any 2.5” ball and unlike other brands of tennis ball blasters, the Nerf Dog Blaster’s mechanism is safe for your hands.

Nerf Dog’s newest line is bound to add even more excitement for dogs and pet owners alike with the new Mega ton line, which is their toughest and most durable of toys.

Designed for active play, this collection is super tough and a great option for those chewers, with designs like the classic football and the Vortex Aero style football.

These will bring back memories for adults and prove to be lots of fun for dogs.

The full range of Nerf Dog can be found here