Nutracalm – fast acting support for stress & anxiety

Reducing stress and keeping your pet calm is vital for them to lead a happy and healthy life. Nutracalm has a unique veterinary strength formula that calms anxious pets and helps to reduce unwanted and unruly behaviour quickly. Nutracalm is fast-acting and works within two hours of administration without any sedative effect. It is safe for both long and short-term use and contains the key ingredients for naturally supporting stress and anxiety in dogs and cats in an easy to administer sprinkle capsule.

Nutracalm came be used to calm nervous dogs and cats in a variety of stressful situations, including, separation anxiety, vet visits, kennel or cattery stays, fireworks season or when introducing new pets.

Prices from £12.99 for a box of 15 capsules. Use coupon code ‘CLWEBFD’ for free delivery – visit