stress and anxiety in pets

nutravet celebrates five years calming anxious pets

Natural animal health company nutravet celebrates five years naturally calming anxious pets fast.

Their high quality, fast acting calming supplement, nutracalm was launched in 2014 to help reduce stress for pets, as well as reduce unwanted or unruly behaviour.

nutracalm was developed to fill a gap in the market for a fast-acting natural calming supplement for pets.

Other products on the market at the time (and still today) expected pet owners to wait up to 6 weeks before seeing any noticeable benefits.

nutracalm is formulated to work within 1-2 hours, which makes it perfect for one off stressful events such as the fireworks, separation anxiety in dogs, vet visits and kennel or cattery stays.

Today, it is the UK’s number one veterinary exclusive calming product, recommended by thousands of vets throughout the UK and Ireland.

Matthew Shaw, Managing Director of nutravet commented: “Animal health is important to us and when we launched nutracalm, we spotted a gap in the market for a high quality, fast acting calming solution for cats and dogs.

nutracalm has been very successful in the market since its launch in 2014 and is now recommended in over 70% of vet practices throughout the UK. It provides a novel and natural alternative for animal healthcare by providing a unique high strength formula for supporting behavioural management.”

nutracalm can also be used for smaller pets, such as rabbits and small furries and is not just for fireworks season but can be used for other stressful situations like vet visits, kennel stays, moving home and separation anxiety.

At this time of year, stress in pets can be more prevalent with upcoming events such as Halloween and the fireworks. nutravet highlight some top tips to help reduce stress alongside nutracalm for pets and their owners during the fireworks:

Provide a den – create an enclosed ‘safe place’ for your pet to hide. Cover the top and three sides of a crate or table near the centre of the home or where they have previously hidden. Make it comfortable and you could add a jumper or t-shirt of yours that will smell familiar to them. Let them come and go as they like.

Stay calm yourself – during the fireworks, don’t react to any loud noises as pets may become anxious by your reactions. Try not to worry and don’t get angry with your pet or fuss the too much. Just reassure them gently and be as normal and routine as possible.

Maintain your routine – try to keep all routines such as feeding, sleeping and walking as normal as possible.

Mask the sound – close the curtains to try and mask the sound of the fireworks. Put the TV on or play some music to cover up the loud bangs, especially if any animals are left home alone.

Keep cats indoors – place plenty of litter trays around the house, especially by usual exist points.

Avoid walks dogs at night – take your dog for a walk early in the morning or in the afternoon to burn off extra energy. Avoid walking late at night when the fireworks are likely to be going off.

Prepare in advance – speak to your vet if you know your pet gets stressed during the fireworks and be prepared in advance with a natural supplement like nutracalm.

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