Oldest dog rescued by the RSPCA was left out in the snow

A 19- year -old terrier cross called Stormy is the oldest dog to be rescued by the animal welfare charity.

The RSPCA were called to an address in Coventry, where the elderly dog had been left outside in the snow in temperatures of -3C.

Stormy is a little dog with a short coat and at the age of 19 or 92 in dog years, he should not have been outside in that weather.

RSPCA Inspector Herchy Boal, said: “Unfortunately during the recent snowy weather we received a huge number of calls – many of which were people who were concerned for dogs that had been shut outside in gardens, despite the freezing temperatures.

“Records show it was between -1 and -3C that day and there was significant snow on the ground.”

Stormy was taken into RSPCA care and after being checked over by vets, despite his age he is said to be in generally good health.

At the age of 19 he is the oldest dog the Newbrook Farm Animal Centre in Birmingham has ever re-homed and one of the oldest the RSPCA has ever rescued.

The senior pooch has now found his forever home with Elizabeth Sidgwick in Coundon, who’s daughter spotted Stormy’s story in the local press.

Elizabeth says that the rescue mutt has also changed her life, after she lost her husband three years ago. She said: “I was widowed three years ago and he has just brought something back to my life. He is something for me to focus on and someone for me to talk to.

“He follows me around the house and keeps me company. I think we have filled the gap in each others lives.”