Over half of Brits admit to confiding in their dog

According to new research from dog walking and sitting service Rover.com, over half of Brits are confiding in their pooch.

With 95% of Brits admitting they like to talk to their dog, it’s hardly surprising that over half of owners also choose to confide their deepest secrets to them. But whilst 84% of owners don’t think their dog understands the secrets they share, 16% think they might.

The findings come as Rover reveals that 9 in 10 Brits consider their dog part of the family, with 78% naming their pooch as their best friend.

With the bond between man and hound undeniably, owners admit they’d rather reveal their deepest, darkest secrets to their pooch then loose-lipped friends and family.

The research shows that 44% tell their dog secrets their friends don’t know, whilst 40% admit they confide in their pooch over their family with 36% even telling their dogs things they wouldn’t tell their partner.

Deepest secrets that pet owners confess to their dogs include:

  1. They broke something – 43%
  2. Spent more money shopping than were supposed to – 43%
  3. Dislike a present their partner gave them – 40%
  4. Cheated on a diet -40%
  5. Going to become a parent – 39%
  6. Don’t like the dinner partner cooked for them – 38&
  7. Where secret presents are hidden – 38%
  8. Don’t like mother-in-law – 37%
  9. Lost something important to someone – 37%
  10. Don’t like a family members new haircut – 37%

Richard Setterwell, General Manager at Rover.com, said: “The role that dogs play within a family and their owners has evolved over centuries to become our greatest confident. Whether it’s a friendly ear or a timely wag of the tale, we know the emotional support our dogs can offer goes above and beyond that expected of a pet.”