Owners to step up to the My Big Walkies Challenge

The RSPCA is challenging animal lovers who enjoy walkies to take 10,000 steps every day in June to raise vital funds for animal welfare.

My Big Walkies will help to raise funds to help the RSPCA continue to rescue animals, as well as remind owners of the benefits of walking and playing with your dog to keep them happy.

Data collected by pet tech company PitPat shows that on average owners in the UK walk their dogs for 57 minutes per day.

The data, which was collected from 15, 643 dogs over five months, revealed that Miniature Schnauzers were walked the longest with 72 minutes per day.

Miniature Schnauzers are closely followed by, Cockapoos with 69 minutes and Boxers and Beagles walked for 65 minutes. Topping the bottom of the list were French Bulldogs at 31 minutes followed by Staffordshire Bull Terriers at 38 minutes.

Animal lovers can sign up to the challenge walking five miles a day, which depending on speed, could be about 100 minutes per day, chosing to walk with or without their furry friends.

Dr Samantha Gaines, the RSPCA’s dog welfare expert, said: “Lots of us know how much our dogs love their walkies. Walking and playing with your dog is a great opportunity to form a strong bond with your pet, as well as keeping your both fit and active, and raising money for some less fortunate furry friends.

“My Big Walkies is a big challenge – 10,000 steps is about five miles a day, so some dogs will relish the change to get out for some extra walks, however those with less active dogs due to age or health, have the perfect excuse to do fewer step or leave them at home and enjoy a solo stroll.”

The figures from PitPat, an activity tracker for dogs, also reveal that on average Saturday is the most playful day of the week for owners of their pooches.

If you would like to get involved, you can sign up to My Big Walkies, here, as well as get some hints and tips. Using a pedometer or app on your phone will help to track how many steps you take.