Owning a pet helps you stay young at heart

A nationwide survey has revealed that owning a pet could be the answer to staying young at heart.

Nearly half (42%) of people aged 65 and over agreed that owning a cat or dog is important for their mental and physical health.

One of the best ways to avoid loneliness is having a pet according to the survey, with 64% of people believing it helps prevent isolation, and one in three agreeing their pet made them laugh and feel happy.

Despite cats and dog bringing so much joy to our lives, almost 40% of over 65s shared concerns about what would happen to a young pet if something happened to them, which is why Agria Pet Insurance is running an Age Amnesty, in a bid to encourage pet owners to secure lifetime insurance for their furry friends, no matter their age.

Simon Wheeler, Managing Director of Agria Pet Insurance, who commissioned the study to mark the launch of Agria’s Amnesty initiative, said: “The survey has uncovered some fascinating insights into how we can stay young at heart as a nation. The research demonstrates a wealth of ways older Brits can do so, with adopting an older pet really helping the over 65s stay fit, active and ultimately young at heart.”

The study also found that a third (33%) of people surveyed said their pet gives them a reasons to be active every day, with 28% saying dog walking keeps them feeling young and healthy.

Simon continues: “To encourage people to stay young at heart, support existing older pets and inspire people to adopt an older animals, we are holding Age Amnesty between October 1st and November 31st, removing the upper age limit that usually applies to pet insurance.

“During this time, owners of older cats, dogs and rabbits will be able to take out new lifetime policy for them with Agria Pet Insurance, whatever their age.”

Other ways to stay young at heart include never thinking you’re too old to so something (63%), laughing as often as possible (57%), and always eating well (56%).

Joseph Kelly, 64 recently adopted his 13-year old Jack Russell called Cindy following the death of his partner three years ago.

He was apprehensive about getting a puppy due to their training needs and sometimes destructive tendencies, but he still wanted a pet that could accompany him on walks in the countryside.

He was worried about the veterinary costs that can come with older dogs, but Agria have relieved those worries with their Age Amnesty campaign and Joseph credits Cindy with helping to keep him young at heart.

For more information on the Agria Age Amnesty campaign, you can visit https://www.agriapet.co.uk/.