Paleo Ridge launches 7 VIP raw dog food clubs to help save on orders

Paleo Ridge is proud to announce the launch of seven VIP raw dog food clubs to support its customers and help them save on orders.

The clubs include an Agility Club, a Breeders Club, a Bulk Buyers Club, an Ambassadors Club, a Vets Club and an Affiliate Club building on the pre-existing Stockists scheme.

Members of the Breeders Club will receive 20% off all orders, plus a free special puppy pack for new puppy owners and referral codes that provide additional discounts on future orders. The exciting new puppy packs have an RRP of £19.99 and include a defrost tub, serving tool, an informative puppy leaflet, a bowl, a towel and more.

Any customers associated with a UK agility club will be able to join the new Agility Club, receiving a 20% discount. Customers ordering over £250 in raw dog food will be offered a 15% discount and free shipping as part of the Bulk Buyers Club. Through joining the Ambassadors Club, customers promoting Paleo Ridge on social media or other platforms will also receive a range of discounts.

The Affiliate Club is designed for customers with a website or other platform that would like to earn loyalty points for the Paleo Ridge website. Meanwhile, Stockists are championed as an important and valued extension of the business and receive a variety of benefits, from competitive trade discounts to POS materials. Members of the Vets Club will have access to a generous discount and freezer deals, while also having the opportunity to provide their patients with a highly nutritious diet.

Will Green, Director of Marketing at Paleo Ridge, says: “I am extremely proud of our wide range of raw dog food clubs. These new clubs have been specially designed to offer customers the best possible access to our premium raw dog food, supporting them in providing their dogs with the best diets to lead long, happy and healthy lives.”

Applying to join a club is simple, visit the Paleo Ridge website for more information and to get started –