Pawfect Foods set to launch dried fruit and veg range for dogs at PATS

This September, PATS Telford will see the launch of Pawfect Foods 7-strong Nature’s Munch range.

Pawfect Food’s open rejection of the old-fangled notion that dogs are single-track carnivores means that their 7-strong Nature’s Munch portfolio was always going to sit proudly at the very heart of their all-encompassing ‘plant based’ offer.

There have been other dog treat providers that have toyed with the notions of supplying the UK’s deserving dog nation with a more flexitarian-eating regime that includes a greater quota of fruit, veg and herbs yet lacked the state-of-the-art production facility or global ties to track down best-in-class ingredients from some of the most unspoilt food producing regions on the planet.

No-one questions the fact that dog’s ancestors scavenged fruit, berries and veg for thousands of years, it’s more a question of what a better-balanced diet brings today in terms of real. Bona-fide benefits.

As it happens, there’s a growing body of research that suggests a generous smattering of the ‘green stuff’ is hugely beneficial for your dog’s long term well-being, from helping to alkalise your dog’s body, because meat-dense diets can cause inflammation (due to acidity) of key K9 organs to providing a wider range of beneficial nutrients; increasing a dog’s water intake whilst ensuring the plentiful presence of essential vitamins and minerals.

Prash Patwardhan, Founder of Pawfect Foods, said: “The distinct make-up of our Nature’s Munch range certainly didn’t happen by chance, with acclaimed dog nutritionists outlining what ingredients we needed to embrace to establish a far-reaching portfolio that can help tackle a wealth of regularly recurring dog dilemmas.

“For example, papaya contains handy anti-parasitic properties which keep unwelcome visitors and bad breath at bay whilst coconut contains lauric acid that keeps viruses and ringworm in check. Elsewhere pumpkin provides an invaluable source of insoluble fibre which plays its part in neutralising dog constipation or diarrhoea.”

The Nature’s Munch collection: apple, coconut, mango, papaya, pineapple, pumpkin and sweet potato comes in a colourful array of pocket-sized pouches that brings some much-needed instore theatre to such a historically undervalued pet-friendly treats offer.

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