Pawfect hires human food challenger brand specialists

Pawfect Foods enlists human food brand experts to showcase their extensive range of premium pet treats in the UK.

For an award-winning premium pet treat business that was only born back in early 2019, it’s incredible to think that Gillingham-based Pawfect Foods already operates within 15 pet enthusiast markets, (branded & white label) with 5, (soon to be 7) all-natural dog treat propositions, covering every imaginable premium dog treat sub-category from all-natural dental sticks and herbal infusions to ‘elevenses’ dog cookies, vegan fruit & veg jerky and flexitarian light bites to full-blown feasts.

Perhaps the one chink in Pawfect’s armoury is that relative to Europe & North America, Pawfect is less known in its UK home market, which is why Prash and the Pawfect team decided that this was the perfect moment to enlist the sales (Titan Brands) and marketing (Purple Pilchard) expertise of two specialist incubator agencies operating in pioneering human foods and drinks brands.

According to Pawfect Foods founder, Prash Patwardhan, “With incredible food disruptors like: Hunter & Gather, Boundless Activated Nuts, Made for Drink, Purely Plantain, Health Lab and Small Giants within their client stables, Gavin Mclean and Ian Hills are perfectly placed to build upon our early Amazon success and showcase Pawfect’s distinct portfolio of tasty yet nutritious snacks made with best-in-class, human-grade ingredients.”

Pawfect with it’s purpose-built/BRC accredited facility in India and an Innovation Department overflowing with game-changing NPD is perfectly placed to bring its well-balanced range of nutritious, guilt-free dog treats to the UK’s growing community of vocal ‘pet parents’ railing against the depressing dearth of ‘nutritionally vacant’ pet treats that still dominate so many pet food fixtures with their unsavoury fusions of 2nd best meats, lazy grains, excessive sugars & synthetic nasties.

Early 2021 will see the launch of Cheescuits, Himalayan Cheese Treats, Nature’s Munch & Doggy’s Cuppa alongside NEW arrivals Nature’s Kitchen & Nature’s Feast propositions

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