Pawfect launches Nature’s Feast dog treats

Pawfect Foods launches freeze-dried multi-purpose dog treats, bringing a NEW ‘meaty’ dimension to their range.

With a presence in 15 nation states it’s fair to say that Pawfect Foods isn’t hanging about when it comes to selling in its grain-free/all-natural/human-grade ingredient agenda.

Whilst nutritionally-dense/meat-free dog treats have historically sat at the heart of the Pawfect proposition: Himalayan Chhurpi cheese sticks, Nature’s Munch (fruit & veg jerky), it was only a matter of time before Pawfect tipped its hat to dog’s deep-rooted flexitarian leanings with a beautifully balanced range of 80% freeze-dried chicken (plus 20% fruit, veg, spices & herbs) and 100% freeze-dried goat meat/goat liver snacks.

According to Pawfect founder, Prash Patwardhan: “The unrivalled versatility of chicken (blended with pineapple, mango or apple) meant that it would always be central to our ambitious freeze-dried vision, whilst the addition of two exotic goat variants underpins our ongoing commitment to push indulgent World Cuisine meets nutritious boundaries.”

Whilst freeze-drying as a food preservation technique has existed for a while, discerning ‘pet parents’ are only now truly appreciating how freeze-drying (unlike mass-market, heat-based technologies), enables recipes to retain a lion’s share of its original characteristics (shape, texture, colour and nutritional gravitas).

This is in stark contrast to old-school kibbles where raw ingredients are blitzed with heat (325F) and then blended with lazy fillers (carbs, starches and even the odd synthetic nasty) to create an overworked dough that can be extruded into little gravel-sized pellets.

Prash added: “There’s no doubt, that for all our global success (in both branded & private label), that our presence in the UK remains a long way from where we want it to be, which is why we decided that in 2021 we needed a well-rounded family of meat, vegan and dairy-based snacks to truly wow the UK’s discerning buyer network.”

Nature’s Feast Chicken plus Pumpkin Spice, Asian Greens or Tropical Twist is priced at £5.99 for a 50g tub, and Nature’s Feast 100% Goat Meat or 100% Goat Liver is £7.99 for a 50g tub.

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