Third of Brits to gift pets to loved ones this Valentine’s Day, says study

A new study reveals that over a third of loved-up Brits have revealed that they intend to gift a dog or cat to their significant other this Valentine’s Day.

According to research of 1,000 Brits, commissioned by Natures Menu, dogs (19%) were more popular than cats (11%) as a protentional gift for their partner on February 14th.

Welcoming a furry friend into the relationship was most common amongst those aged between 25 and 34 years and men were also most likely to be planning to purchase or adopt a pet for their partner, compared to women.

Respondents living in the South West (44%), the Midlands (34%) and the South West (41%), were most likely to be planning to get a dog or a cat for their loved one.

The findings follow expert reports of a huge spike in Brits opting to purchase or adopt a pet since the UK went into lockdown in March last year, with an alarming 29% of dog owners admitting that they regret purchasing their pet already and one in ten going as far as to consider putting their dog up for adoption.

To combat the issue of pet owner not having enough advice on training, Natures Menu has launched a podcast to address the key concerns for new dog owners, from weaning puppies to socialising with other dogs and humans, as well as top training tips for misbehaving dogs.

Melanie Sainsbury, Veterinary Education Manager at Natures Menu said: “Everyone deserves to receive a little love this Valentine’s Day, but welcoming a pet into the home is a massive commitment. Before getting a dog or cat, people should really consider the impact it will have on their lives, how much of a responsibility it is and whether their relationship can handle being pet parents.

“For those that are struggling with a new pup, our Pupcast gives tonnes of helpful advice to help with the pressures of dog ownership.”

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