research reveals dog food labels are too hard to read for half or Brits

According to new research from almost half of British dog owners wish there was a solution to figuring out dog food easier.

Dog owners in the UK are frequently trying to treat their furry friends like a true member of the family. As part of this many are making a conscious effort to feed their dogs healthy and nutritious food.

However, with so many food options available for various dog breeds, shapes and sizes it is hard to know what is best to provide your pooch with.

New research from shows that millions of Brits are becoming increasingly confused by food labels and are unsure as to what is in the food that they are feeding their dogs.

The stats reveal that 44% of Brits say that dog food labels are difficult and at times impossible to read and almost a third (30%) say that dog food labels make it harder to maintain a healthy diet for their dog.

Feeding your four-legged friend is an important task that many Brits want to succeed in performing to the best of their availability by giving their pups the most nutritious meal possible.

However, with so many varieties of food and an increasing amount of jargon, it is hard to know exactly what is in your dog’s meals.

Stephanie Wenban, vet at and dog health expert, says: “The vast majority of pet owners want to provide nutrient rich food for their animals. Many different dog breeds have different nutritional needs and may require different food to others; however, it is becoming increasingly hard to decipher confusing labels that come with dog food packages. There needs to be a simpler solution to finding your loved pet the best food for them.” provide an innovative traffic light labelling system for all of their food so pet owners can know exactly what is going into their dog’s meal.

They also offer food subscriptions that are specifically tailored to your pet’s needs based on their breed and any other requirements they may have.

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