PDSA vet removed sewing needle out of cat’s paw

The cause of a cat’s mystery paw pain was revealed after a 5cm long sewing needle was removed by vets at PDSA.

Seven-year old Kedah from Chingford Mount was rushed into Ilford PDSA Pet Hospital after his owner Natalie Hillier spotted him limping across the living room.

Natalie said: “Kedah is usually a very lively and energetic cat, so I knew something was wrong as soon as I saw him limping. I suspected he might have got something stuck in his paw. I was really worried because Kedah was clearly in pain. I knew I had to get him to see a vet quickly.”

Kedah was examined by PDSA vet Grant Hampson, who noticed a metallic object had penetrated the poor cat’s foot. Grant gave Kedah pain relief and used forceps to remove the object, which turned out to be a sewing needle that had narrowly missed the cat’s tendons.

Grant comments: “Kedah was incredibly calm during the procedure. We managed to extract the needle without any issues, but it’s amazing how close Kedah came to suffering a serious injury. If the needle had hit a major artery or vein, he would have needed surgery, or if Natalie had waited to bring him to the vet, an infection could easily have developed and there may have been some long-term damage.

“Fortunately, because of her quick action, we were able to remove the needle quickly without the need for major surgery under general anaesthetic.”

Natalie added: “I’m so relieved that Kedah is ok. He made a speedy recovery and is now back to his usual, bouncy self. It was horrible seeing my beloved cat in pain. I’m now very careful to make sure the sewing cat is packed away when Kedah is around and that all needles are accounted for.

“The world needs more people like the vets at PDSA. Kedah received first class care and I cannot praise them enough.”