Pet brands launch new range of pet bamboo bowls for sustainable living

Pet owners are more likely to feel connected to nature and the environment than the general population, and are looking to make more sustainable choices when it comes to buying pet products.

With 43% of consumers already actively choosing brands based on their environmental credentials, the new range of Bamboo Bowls from Pet Brands, meets the need for stylish, eco-friendly pet products.

Rachel Barrass, Product Developer at Pet Brands believes that pet owners are looking to prioritise sustainability even more this year, with the focus on eco-friendly gaining momentum in light of COVID-19.

Rachel said “Opting for products made from natural, raw materials and those in recyclable packaging are popular ways to make more sustainable choices, with the Bamboo Bowl ticking both of these boxes. Our stylish designs are also durable, non-slip and dishwasher safe – really important to withstand plenty of enthusiastic efforts to lick the bowl clean!”

The newly expanded range includes the GEO Bowl in duck egg green, with the sculptural geometric design suiting the most fashion-savvy of owners. For those looking for pet products with personality, the cute Monster Bowls certainly hit the mark, and are available in three pastel colours. The range is rounded off with the effective Slow Feeders, for those four-legged friends that need to be encouraged to take their time.

Rachel adds: “All of the products have a natural flecked pattern, characteristic of the bamboo fibres. Bamboo is an incredibly fast-growing species of grass, which produces high levels of oxygen in the process. It is a brilliant choice for long-lasting pet bowls. There is no point designing a great eco product, unless the packaging also fits the bill. Our cardboard boxes are 100% recyclable, and are ideal for gifting and sending through the post.”

Pet Brands Bamboo Bowls are available in pet shops and online throughout the UK with prices ranging from £5.99 – £8.99.