Petition to Ban Exploitative Puppy Imports Reaches 100K Signatures!

An e-petition calling for the ban of exploitive imports of young puppies for sale in the UK has reached 100K signatures in just 41 days!

This incredible achievement means that the petition will now be considered for debate in parliament. Reaching 100K signatures marks a colossal step in the journey to protecting the welfare of these innocent dogs.

A number of celebrity influencers have shown their support for the petition and helped to raise awareness using their online platforms, including Ricky Gervais, Simon Cowell, Davina McCall, Paul O’Grady and Sue Perkins.

TV vet Marc Abraham is behind the petition – which received over 10K signatures in just 24 hours – along with Lucy Parkinson, who decided something needed to be done to prevent puppies being imported into the country for sale.

Marc changed the UK puppy-farm law in the UK, which came into effect in April this year – an incredibly and important achievement following seven long year of campaigning.

Lucy’s Law was put in place to ban UK puppy-farms and the awful conditions in which the puppies, and parents lived. Most puppies would be sold for thousands online / via Instagram over the standard rate, and then get very sick and often die within weeks (of heart failure or diseases such as parvovirus).

Unfortunately, there continues to be major problems with the puppy buying industry in the UK with a huge amount being imported abroad meaning their start in life is extremely traumatic. Puppies are not meant to be transported over until 15-weeks, yet they’re being sent over as young as five weeks old, often gravely sick, and being separated far too early from their mothers.

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