Pets at Home launch cooling range for pets during hot weather

As temperatures soar, Pets at Home has launched a range of ‘Cool Club’ cooling products designed to keep pooches from overheating in the sun.

With Brits enjoying a scorcher of a summer, the Cool Club range of products are a must-have to help keep pets cool, hydrated and protected from sunburn during the ongoing heatwave.

A spokesperson for Pets at Home said: “Keeping pets cool during a heatwave can be a challenge and so our Cool Club range has been created with pet welfare needs at the front of mind. The Cool Club range is not only a nice treat for pets but also a necessity for animal welfare.”

Pets at Home Cool Club range is available in stores and online and includes pet cooling products such as doggy ice vests, cooling mats, paddling pools and water bottles suitable for dogs of all sizes.

Pets at Home is also educating pet owners about the importance of pet welfare during the summer months with top tips and handy hints to ensure beloved furry friends are happy, healthy and safe.

Their tips to help your dog stay cool this summer include:

  • Never leave them in the car alone, even in shade or when the window is open
  • Take water and a bowl with you, even if you’re going on a long walk
  • Avoid strenuous walks and exercise during the hottest part of the day
  • Stick to paths or parks where you know there is shade
  • Never leave your dog in a warm room such as a conservatory when you go out
  • Ensure your pet always has an option of somewhere cool to go
  • Give long-haired or fluffy dogs a summertime trim
  • Use cooling aids or toys and protect your pet with dog-friendly sunscreen
  • Call your vet if you’re worried that your pet is overheating.

Pet owners can find more information about how to keep dogs cool during simmer at