Pets get ready to ‘Scrumble’

Parentally-minded dog lovers have ‘scrumbled’ how to put poo-fect nutritional nosh-ups on the menu for their best friend.

Putting pets first, owners are opting for pawdacious and proud-to-be-British ‘Scrumbles’ – a meat-filled, dry-food mixture with lots to bark about, which affordably tickles tender tummies, whilst staving off the smelly poos that signal something isn’t right.

Focused on an end goal of a lifetime of adventures for pooch and owner, Scrumbles gives dogs and pups parity with others around the dinner table.

Containing a probiotic to settle stomachs and bolster gut health, it is packed with protein from fresh and dried chicken and includes Omega 3 and 6 to foster a glossy coat and assist the brain and eye function needed for fun ‘play pawses’.

Meanwhile, glucosamine and chondroitin aid healthy bones and help to keep your four-legged friends joints moving.

Scrumbles also says ‘no’ to gluten and unnecessary fillers and nasties – preservatives, colours, additives, salt, sugar, pea protein, eggs, dairy, potatoes and lentils – with no place in pet recipes. It is also allergen-free, to minimise little whoppsies and unwanted sicky piles.

Pups and adult canine companions can all be treated to a hypoallergenic, nutritionist-designed meaty mix tailored to their needs, whilst there is a kitten and cat range too.

As well as keeping your furry companions super healthy, Scrumbles also donates 10% of all profits to pet charities.

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