Picture Pawfect: Seven ways to capture perfect pooch photos!

We’re a nation of dog lovers, and love nothing better than snapping picture after picture of our beloved pet pooches.

But have you ever taken countless photos, but never found the one? If you have, don’t worry! Experts at dog-friendly holiday rental company Canine Cottages, have revealed seven top ways to perfectly capture the paw-fect shot of your dog, time after time. Get your cameras at the ready…

Get them used to the camera

The first piece of advice is to get your pooch as used to the camera as they can be. Even the bravest of doggos can get nervous around bright flashes and loud clicks in their face, so before you try and snap some pics of your pooch, get them used to your phone or camera by letting them have a sniff, and be sure to stay calm and relaxed around them.

Have treats on hand

Having a treat on hand is  a great way of ensuring your dog stays still and focussed for photos. If you hover a treat above your phone or camera, then this also helps your dog look straight at the camera, making a paw-fect shot!

Get down to your dog’s level

Standing over your dog and taking a picture isn’t the right way to capture your pooch in the best light, and you won’t get much variety in your shots either. Bend down, crouch, twist and crawl – for the best angles of your furry friend you’ll literally need to get on their level! This way, you’ll get far more interesting shots to choose from.

Remember your background

Although your pooch is the star of the shot, backgrounds are super important too. Minimal, uncluttered backgrounds always work best, so if you’re at home then get your pooch to pose against a plain wall if you can; but remember if your dog has darker fur, pose against a light background, and vice versa. If you’re out and about, a beach or grassy field will make for a great backdrop.

Get the light right

Great lighting is everything in photography, and is paramount to capturing great snaps of your pooch. Natural light is always the best option, so try shooting behind a window or outside if you can. If natural light isn’t an option, an off-camera flash can create a seemingly natural light source.

Keep quiet

There’s no quicker way to confuse a dog than shouting commands at them repeatedly, and constantly talking to them and exciting them will make for blurrier shots. The less talking you do the clearer your commands will be, and if you do need to tell them to ‘sit’ or ‘stay’, then do so calmly.

Good communication isn’t all about words either. Body language will influence how your dog reacts to you as well, so try communicating with them non-verbally with hand signals to get them to stay in place for the perfect shot.

Have fun!

Even with all the prep in the world, you’ll usually get the best shots when you aren’t even trying! If you want to capture your pup’s true personality, then spend time with them with your camera at the ready for capturing those spontaneous shots. You could get a great photo of your doggo playing fetch, rolling on the floor, or covered in mud after splashing about in muddy puddles.

Commenting, Shannon Keary, Digital PR Manager at Canine Cottages, says: “All dog owners love to snap pictures of their beloved dogs and share them for the world to see, but many pooch parents struggle to capture that perfect, Insta-worthy shot of their canines. We have pulled together these top tips to help dog owners get that superstar shot, time after time.”

For more tips on perfecting pet photography, please visit: https://www.caninecottages.co.uk/blog/dog-photography-top-tips