Pooch & Mutt encourage dog owners to take part in weight loss challenge

To help tackle the ever-growing problem of pet obesity, Pooch & Mutt is encouraging dog owners to get their pets in shape for 2019.

As the New Year brings a time for resolution the London based pet food company have launched a weight loss challenge for dogs to highlight the problem and encourage pet owners to help their dogs get in shape.

Pooch & Mutt’s ‘Pets Get Slim’ challenge invites dog owners to take part in a 12-week slimming programme. The challenge is open to anyone wanting to help their dog slim down in 2019.

There are no costs involved, signup to the challenge is free, and anyone who would like to track their dog’s progress can download their very own weight loss journal.

As an incentive to kick start the doggy weight loss journey, Pooch & Mutt are also offering an initial 20% discount on any size of their Slim & Slender food.

Guy Blaskey, Pooch & Mutt co-founder, said: “We came up with ‘Pets Get Slim’ to highlight a serious problem, but in a way that hopefully encourages people to act. We know that most of the pet food sold in the UK is made by the same confectionary companies that are behind the obesity epidemics in our children.

“It is also a problem when pet owners think they are treating their pets by giving them titbits that they shouldn’t really be having. Unfortunately, it is a case of killing them with kindness.”

Pooch & Mutt reveal some recent figures and shocking statistics about dog diabetes:

  • 1 in 300 dogs is diagnosed with type 2 diabetes throughout their lifetime.
  • 30,000 dogs are currently suffering from diabetes.

Guy added: “Our goal as a company is to help dogs everywhere lead happier, healthier lives. We’re hoping that when people take part in Pets Get Slim and start to see a difference in their dog, they’ll feel motivated to keep the progress for good.”

Pet owners can sign up to the challenge here.