Pooch & Mutt launch revolutionary Tetra food packs

Pooch & Mutt’s new wet food range enforces the brand’s commitment to sustainably sourced, quality food and has the environment at its heart.

Innovative Tetra packs push the boundaries of pet food packaging – easy to use and made from 70% renewable sources, with a carbon footprint that is 80% lower than a tin.

This is a key message for the new Tetras, as figures reveal over it’s lifetime, a tin will be responsible for over three times as much carbon dioxide that a Tetra containing the equivalent.

With a focus on the environment, the new Tetra packs are 100% recyclable, with 70% of the pack made from renewable resources and with a 50% lower carbon footprint than a pouch.

“Ditch the can. Help the Planet,” is the mantra for the revolutionary new product. Pooch & Mutt Founder, Guy Blaskey, said: “We’re very excited to be paving the way for more brands to “ditch the can. The tetra’s show that you can bring fresh, high-quality ingredients to contribute to a happier, healthier planet, as well as happier, healthier dogs.”

As well as environmental benefits, figures show that Tetra packs are also highly efficient during transportation, storage and in distribution, using 33% less space than a can.

The new range uses recipes, which use fresh and locally sourced ingredients, including, turkey & chicken and chicken & ocean fish.