Poorly pug cures itching with a change in diet

A poorly pug named Billy is finally happy after a change in diet helped him stop biting himself and scratching his fur off.

Miserable Billy the pug was feeling down in the mouth after an irritable skin condition led to him scratching and biting bald patches in his coat.

Owner Jane Bristow tried every remedy including creams, shampoos and prescription pet food, but everything failed to clear up her pet’s sore skin.

It was only when Jane switched to human grade pet food from Pure Pet Food that Billy’s itchy skin cleared up overnight, his self-harming ended, and his fur began to grow back.

Billy, who’s nearly four, has lived with Jane and her daughter Emily since he was just seven weeks old alongside three other pets. The lovable pug was fed kibble from being a puppy, but when Jane eliminated it from his diet, she noticed a big change.

The scratching and self-biting that Billy had been doing for almost six month to ease his skin irritation quickly stopped. His raw red patches began to clear up and within weeks fur which had been scratched off began to grow back.

Jane attributes the improvement to putting Billy on a diet from Pure Pet Food. The 100% human grad food contains no grains, meat derivatives or other additives, instead it’s packed with natural vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

Jane said: “Poor Billy was really suffering and couldn’t stop biting and scratching himself to ease his itching, of course he was making it worse, but he didn’t know that. I first met Billy when he was just five weeks old. He was the liveliest of the litter and even that age was a real character. He joined our family on Christmas Day as a present for my daughter Emily. The two bonded instantly and have such a close relationship.

“He’s always been a healthy dog, slightly overweight but that’s not uncommon for pugs, and we’ve never had any health issues. It was August last year that I first noticed he was scratching more than normal. Initially, I put it down to mites, grass cutting or something that was irritating his fur and thought a course of creams would clear it up.

“We tried lots of different creams and shampoos with no luck. The vet then suggested a prescription diet. I went away, did some research and discovered Pure Pet Food. Within weeks of placing my first order and Billy starting a Pure Pet Food diet, he was a completely different dog. The constant scratching stopped, and his skin slowly began to heal and his fur grow back.”

Jane added: “It had never occurred to me to look at his diet. Billy’s always eaten kibble and always enjoyed it so it didn’t cross my mind that an ingredient within that could be causing the irritation.

“Emily and I have noticed other changes too. Billy has lost a little weight which is great for his overall health and he has more energy. We regularly meet with the Glasgow Pub Grumble where Billy goes to play with other pugs – his energy levels are certainly lots higher compared to four months ago.

“The vet is pleased with his progress and has given him a clean bill of health. Overall, Billy is a happier, more content dog and that’s all down to changing his diet to Pure Pet Food.”