‘Potter pets’ hope their magical names will conjure up spell-binding homes

These magical pets are hoping to cast a spell over the hearts of prospective adopters and conjure up new homes this week, as the Harry Potter franchise celebrates a huge milestone.

The RSPCA has named some of its special and spell-binding animals after famous characters from the franchise in celebration of the 20th anniversary this week (Tuesday 16 November) of the release of the first film: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter was rescued with his tiny newborn siblings after being orphaned. They were found alone and cold at just a day old but, despite the odds, survived and began their search for new homes. All of Harry’s friends have now been adopted but he had to stay behind to have an operation to help him go to the toilet and, again, against the odds, he survived!

This mischievous and adventurous young cat is very inquisitive and, like his namesake, loves to explore. He loves company and gets on well with other cats so would love a feline companion. He is friendly, playful and very affectionate.

We don’t understand why he keeps getting overlooked; we’ve checked and he hasn’t been hiding under a cloak of invisibility so if you’d like a little magic in your life then this sweet guy could be the purr-fect puss for you!

Find out more about Harry Potter online or contact RSPCA Derby, in Derbyshire, on info@rspcaderby.org.uk.

Helga Hufflepuff

Helga Hufflepuff is a sweet lady of senior years and is ready to bewitch her new family with her beautiful eyes and her deep, rumbling purr. At 15, she is looking for a quiet home to spend her golden years where she can cuddle up on a cosy bed and enjoy a good fuss. She loves to have company and is very talkative so will make a wonderful companion.

She would like a home with no other pets but could live with older children who will understand to be gentle with her. Due to her age, she’s on special renal food and takes daily medication to manage her kidney disease so this will need to continue in her new home.

Find out more about Helga Hufflepuff online or contact RSPCA Derby on info@rspcaderby.org.uk.


Just like his wizarding namesake, Harry is a very special boy who is looking for a lovely foster family to take him on as permanently, with ongoing support from the RSPCA. He’s seen his friends Potter, Ron and Hermione go off to their fur-ever homes but is still waiting for his happy ever after.

He is a sweet, friendly bun who is happy being handled. He’s looking for a new home with some other rabbit friends to live with and an experienced owner who is confident handling buns. Sadly poor Harry has a medical condition called hypospadias – a birth defect which can occur in male rabbits and impact how they urinate. He needs topical cream administered daily and the condition will need to be monitored closely.

If Harry has cast a spell over your heart, please find out more about him online or contact RSPCA Worcester & Mid Worcestershire branch, in Worcestershire, on admin@rspcaworcester.org.uk.

Molly, Ginny & Arthur

This trio of gorgeous ducks have been renamed after the famous Weasley family in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the first film. Please meet Molly, Ginny and Arthur!

The lovely birds would like to find a new home together where they’ll have access to a large area to roam and explore as well as a pond to paddle and splash in. Owners will need to keep their areas clean and water fresh, as well as provide them with a balanced diet.

To find out more about Molly, Ginny & Arthur please visit their online profile or contact RSPCA Blackberry Farm Animal Centre, in Buckinghamshire, on blackberryfarm@rspca.org.uk.