Puppies dumped in bing bag are given second chance by Battersea

Three unwanted Yorkshire Terrier puppies are being given a second chance after being dumped in a bin bag on someone’s doorstep.

The three puppies were no older then four months old and were found by a member of the public who took them into Battersea Dogs & Cats home.

All three puppies needed a bath and a groom, but were luckily in good health and after being assessed by the charity’s welfare team were given the all clear to find a new home.

No renamed after famous Harry Potter characters, the puppies, Dobby, Lupin and Hedwig have all found new homes.

Battersea’ London Centre Manager, Steve Craddock, said: “We’ll never know the real reason why these innocent puppies were dumped. We can only assume that their previous owner was not anticipating the hard work that comes with looking after multiple dogs at such a young age.

“We’d advise any person struggling to care for a dog or cat to do the responsible thing and bring them into one of our three Battersea centres, where we can provide expert care. We have a non-selective intake policy, so we’ll take in any animal regardless of their breed, age or medical condition. These Yorkshire Terrier puppies had a lucky escape thanks to their finder and they’re now settling into their new homes.”

Visit www.battersea.org.uk to meet the Battersea dogs and cats in need of a second chance.