Puppy with two broken legs finds her happy ending

A 12-week old puppy that was signed into RSPCA care after she suffered two broken legs is set to start in tonight’s (Wednesday 16 September) episode of The Dog Rescuers.

Viewers of the popular 5 Select show will see Lola come into RSPCA rescue care after vets alerted inspectors to the puppy’s plight.

Staffie cross Lola is then taken for specialist treatment to mend her broken limbs. Inspector Herchy Boal said: “This poor puppy, she had some bad injuries to both a front and back leg. She was not reacting at all, not at all like a normal puppy and could not bear weight on her broken legs.

“She desperately needed vet treatment but was not getting it. She was an innocent 12-week-old puppy. What a horrible way to start your life.”

Following successful surgery and rehabilitation, more than six months old Lola has found her happy ever after and is living very happily with her new owner Esme.

Esme said: “Lola came into the practice where I work. I was looking for a dog at the time, it was coming up to my 18th birthday and she started biting my bag strap. One of the vets turned to me and said ‘You just need to take her home!’ I just fell in love with her from there.

“When we first brought her home, she was really nervous, but in a couple of days she was playing with our three other rescue dogs. They play all the time now and it is like she has always been there with the other three.”

You can watch Lola’s story and others in tonight’s episode of The Dog Rescuers which is being aired at 9pm on 5 Select.