Pure Pet Food launch introductory starter packs

Healthy dog food specialists, PurePetFood.co.uk have launched a variety of starter packs to introduce pets to their range.

The starter packs have been produced to introduce dogs to high-quality food tailored to a pet’s age and sensitivities.

The £59.99 (was £99.99) variety pack provides 66 meals (based on a 10kg adult dog feeding twice daily) with delicious recipes they’ll love including:

Chicken and coconut oil, duck, apple and coconut oil, superfood boost, chicken dinner, duck delight and turkey terrific.

Made in Yorkshire, Pure Pet Food has been developed alongside nutritionists and veterinarians is PETA approved and contains no grains or nasty ingredients.

Customers report their dog’s digestion and weight improves, appetite and energy increases, healthier skin and coat, healthier weight and now wonder why anyone would feed their dog something they wouldn’t eat themselves.

For further information on the starter packs of the Pure Pet Food range, you can visit www.PurePetFood.co.uk.