Pure Pet Food launch new dog food recipe

A pet food company specialising in nutritious recipes that address dogs’ weight problems and health issues has added another wholesome option to mix.

Yorkshire-based pet food brand Pure Pet Food has launched its Wholesome Chicken recipe, which contains new and fresh 100% human grade ingredients such as cranberry, linseed and even chicory root.

This is the company’s ninth dog food recipe and its most palatable yet, so is suitable for all dog unless they’re allergic to chicken or suffer from pancreatitis or colitis.

Wholesome Chicken contains new ingredients as well as existing favourites such as sweet potato and salmon oil and has achieved a 95% nutritional rating on AllAboutDogFood.co.uk.

It sits alongside eight other recipes and flavours, from turkey and duck to fish and beef.

Pure Pet Food’s recipes are made with fresh ingredients that are gently preserved by removing the moisture, leaving the meals around four times as dense in nutrients, vitamins and minerals as you’d find in fresh food.

Meals are delivered in dehydrated and freeze-dried form with dog owners simply adding water to create convenient, low-processed meals for their four-legged friends.

After switching their dogs to Pure, existing customers reported improvements to symptoms including bad breath, itchy skin, stomach issues, and weight issues, and in some cases symptoms and ailments have disappeared altogether.

A spokesperson for PurePetFood.com said: “Our new Wholesome Chicken recipe is our most palatable yet, containing more than 60% chicken breast and thigh, and then crammed full of veggies, vitamins and minerals.

“Customers can visit our website, input their dogs’ details and the website will recommend the perfect recipe for your dog out of the nine we now have available. The freeze-dried food is then delivered straight to customers’ doors in our brand new, full recyclable and eco-friendly packaging, which is personalised to their pooch.

“Pure Pet Food has become particularly popular for pets with ailments like sensitive skin or stomachs, as all of our recipes are grain-free, low processed and made with human grade ingredients.

“The unique dehydration process we use gently removes the moisture in the ingredients, which actually leaves our recipes around four times as dense in nutrients, vitamins and minerals as you’d find in fresh food.

“This means Wholesome Chicken is much healthier and more nourishing than boring brown kibble biscuits and is a great alternative to raw feeding. Customers simply add warm water, stir and serve, creating a low processed meal for their four-legged friends in minutes.”