Purring engine! RSPCA rescue kitten trapped inside chassis

A car engine was found to be purring for a good reason in Stockton-on-Tees – a little kitten was found to be trapped in the chassis!

A passerby heard squeaking and crying coming from under a Ford Fiesta in the car park of a row of shops on Sunningdale Drive in Eaglescliffe and believed a kitten was somewhere inside.

They posted an urgent appeal on social media to try and trace the car owner. Fortunately a local hairdresser saw the post and realised it was her car.

She went back to her Fiesta and could hear the frightened meows so contacted her brother to see if he could help locate the kitten as well as reporting the matter to the RSPCA.

Animal rescuer, inspector Clare Wilson was sent to the scene and realised the kitten’s cries were coming from underneath the car.

While the brother unscrewed the spare wheel, Clare was able to see a small paw coming from above – and with some gentle maneuvering she managed to get hold of the kitten and pulled him out before safely securing him into a cat basket.

The cute ginger kitten is believed to be feral and aged about six weeks. He is now being cared for by Clare, who has named him Simba, until he is old enough to be found a permanent home.

Clare said: “It appears the kitten hitched a lift to work with the car-owner this morning hidden in the chassis under her car! I am pretty sure he is a feral cat judging on his behaviour. I think the storm on Sunday may have frightened him and he ran off and hid inside the car.

“Luckily he was not hurt during the journey and thanks to the quick-thinking passerby his cries for help did not go unnoticed. He was hissing and spitting at me when I first rescued him but has calmed down at my home and is allowing me near him a bit more – although he is still unsure. He was obviously terrified by his ordeal but a vet check revealed he is in good health.”

Clare said she called him Simba as the photograph she took of him at the vets reminded her of the scene on Pride Rock in The Lion King where Simba’s father presents him to the rest of the pride.

She was so smitten with the kitten she has now agreed to foster him until he is old enough to be rehomed by the RSPCA’s Cat Hub.

She added: “He has been crying a lot and hissing but last night he started purring at me which was lovely as I think it means he is coming round and realised nothing scary will happen to him now ”