Q&A with TV Vet and Barking Heads Ambassador, Dr Scott Miller

Barking Heads recently welcomed Dr Scott Miller as their new in-house expert and two-legged brand ambassador.

Australian born vet and author, Dr Scott is the resident Vet on ITV show, This Morning, giving advice to viewers in the studio and presenting live and recorded animal items from all around the UK and internationally. Here he answers our questions about what to consider before getting a puppy and when to introduce a natural diet…

What’s your favourite thing about dogs and why do you think they make such great companions?

Dogs are a constant source of Unconditional love, and in these uncertain times they have been a saviour for many. Our canines are always happy to see us, want to drag us out on walks and are keen to keep us company even when we aren’t feeling great, having the special gift of being entertaining and joyful companions no matter what might be happening around them

Why do you think we’ve seen an increase in puppy buying during each lockdown?

Many people are working from home at the moment, seeing lockdown as the opportunity to bring a new canine companion into their lives and enjoy the love and companionship they bring. The concern is when life returns to normal and will new pet parents have time for their new furry family member at that point and how will pets react to not having their beloved owner around 24/7.

What should people consider before getting a puppy?

The four things to consider before getting a puppy include the COST of owning a puppy (not just the purchase price, but also vet bills, good quality food etc), TIME (do you have enough time to spend with and train your puppy), your HOME (is it suitable for a puppy, and if so what breed) and ENERGY levels (be sure to research the breed you choose to ensure that they don’t need more exercise then you are honestly willing or able to provide).

When should you first introduce your puppy to a natural diet?

Puppy’s like babies have sensitive stomachs but need completely balanced diets to grow strong and healthy, so it’s always best to keep protein sources consistent for the formative stages of their life. Adult dogs enjoy trying different types of meat protein and other foods, but this should always be done slowly, carefully and with caution to ensure any diet is completely balanced, monitoring your pooch’s daily bowel movements to ensure a change in food is not causing gastro-intestinal upset. Many pet parents are interested in reducing the meat protein content of their diets for their own health and the health of the planet, and consider doing the same when it comes to feeding their beloved pooch. That’s why Barking Heads have developed the amazing and completely balanced Plant Powered Pooches, to support pet parents who want to safely share an occasional ‘Meat Free Monday’ with their dog.

How important is good nutrition for your puppy/dog?

Good nutrition is of utmost important for your dog. ‘You are what you eat’ also applies to our canine companions, and with great strides made to improve the quality of canine diets and nutrition has come a massive improvement in dogs health and longevity, surely what every pet parent wants for their pooch.

What are your top 3 tips for keeping your dog in general good heath?

  1. Good quality food…you can’t expect your dog to be healthy, happy and contented without the great love of their life, food. Barking Heads put so much love and science into their diets that it shows in the incredible health and vitality of dogs that eat it.
  2. Exercise is so important for a dog as they expel energy, investigate the local area and socialise with other canines and people, keeping them healthy both of mind and body.
  3. Having a good relationship with your Vet…Vets are animal lovers who are dedicated to the health and wellbeing of animals, so developing a strong and trusting relationship with your Vet is crucial to ensure your dog gets the best care and treatment when they need it.

What is your favourite thing about working with animals? 

They all have their own distinctive personalities, come in all shapes, sizes and colours and are a source of constant inspiration and love.