Rescue cat finds forever home after 244 days in RSCPA care

Pudding the cat was rescued by the RSPCA just days before Christmas last year after she was abandoned in a property in Wolverhampton with another cat.

The young tabby and white cat had been living in poor conditions with lots of rubbish lying around the property. The other cat, Theodore, had been living in the chimney of the upstairs bedroom so it took a while for the ACO David Hollinshead to find both cats when he attended on 21st December last year.

They were then taken to the RSPCA Newbrook Farm Animal Hospital in Birmingham where they were given some care and TLC before arriving at RSPCA Gosnal Farm Animal Centre in Shropshire for rehoming.

Theodore was rehomed in January, but sadly through no fault of her own, Pudding was still looking for a home when the Coronavirus pandemic hit and the charity had to pause its rehoming and close its centres.

She was transferred to RSPCA Millbrook Animal Centre in Surrey during the lockdown and in August she finally found her forever home with Lyn.

Elizabeth Wood, deputy manager at RSPCA Millbrook said: “Despite what she had been through, Pudding is such a friendly, affectionate and playful cat. She liked nothing more than being the centre of attention. Poor pudding was in RSPCA care for 244 days, which is a long time in a young cat’s life, so she really deserves her second chance at happiness now and we’re so glad she found it in Lyn and her husband.”

Lyn Pugsley and her husband Stephen from Guildford in Surrey adopted Pudding on 21st August this year after previous cat George sadly passed away as a result of a brain tumour.

Lyn said: “Pudding is delightful. She talks to me all the time with her meows and sweet little noises which are very cute. Those eyes of hers are so enchanting and she has a little heart shape above her left eye too which we just love. We’re so glad we could give a new forever home to our Christmas Pudding.”

Lyn explained that Pudding has settled in really well and is a friendly and playful cat who likes to be the centre of Lyn and he husband’s world.

She added: “She likes everything done for her. She will stand and meow at you to do things so she can be a little madam at times. She likes to play with her ball and will even pass the ball back to me now. She loves to lay on me in bed at night and have some fuss and she loves chasing magpies (unsuccessfully) in the garden. When you hear the magpies squawking, you know that Pudding will be close by.”