Rescue cat has spent entire pandemic looking for a new home

The RSPCA is hoping to find a forever home for a black and white female cat who has spent the entire pandemic so far waiting to be chosen.

Flick came into the care of the RSPCA Middlesex and North West and South Hertfordshire branch in March 2020.

Her previous owner could no longer care for Flick as the five-year old cat had become very stressed due to a second cat in the household and she had started urinating in the home.

She was adopted from the RSPCA last year but was sadly returned after a few weeks as her behavioural problems persisted.

Poor Flick waited ten long months throughout the pandemic to find her forever home and is looking for an understanding owner who can help her overcome her anxieties.

Tracy Deamer at the branch said: “Flick is an anxious cat who has been sadly given up twice because she urinated in the house. She is a gentle and affectionate feline looking for a quiet home with no children or other pets. She will need someone who will be committed to providing the time, patience and understanding to help her with her anxieties, which has led to her behavioural problems.

“She’s had a thorough health check and the cause of her urinating is not medical or due to her lack of litter trays, so we believe it is a result of stress and anxiety. We have been working hard to socialise her and build up her confidence. She has made a lot of progress while in our care and she has learnt to explore the outside with slow introduction. Any adopter will need to continue this gradual process with her.

“Flick loves human company and playing with her toys. She is a sweet and friendly cat who truly deserves a loving home.”

For more information or to rehome Flick, visit the RSPCA Middlesex North West and South Hertfordshire branch website.