Rescue dog is enjoying the life of Riley

A rescue dog is enjoying the life of Riley after being adopted by the CEO of Fish4Dogs.

The working cocker spaniel, who is about 18-months old, was handed over to Birmingham Dogs Home by his original owners who could not afford to pay for ongoing care needed to manage his urinary tract problem.

Riley received veterinary attention to control the bladder stones he had developed and was on the road to recovery when Giles Webber, CEO of Birmingham Dogs Home (BDH), took his new charge to visit Fish4Dogs during its Bring your Dog to Work Day celebrations.

The chocolate and white dog immediately stole the hearts of those at the event including Graham and Jo. The couple already have a springer spaniel, Sadie, aged seven, along with cats Milo and Max and were actively looking for another dog to join their furry family.

Sadie had enjoyed the company of their son’s dog when they were on holiday last year and the couple had been searching for a suitable candidate.

Fish4Dogs is an active partner of BDH supporting their operations through food donations and joining forces to raise awareness and raise funds.

Riley arrived at his new forever home in the beautiful Worcestershire countryside last month (July). He immediately acclimatised to his new surroundings, was a popular choice with Graham and Jo’s children and grandchildren and was quickly accepted by their existing pets.

Graham said: “Riley is a joy! He’s fitting into our family life really well. He is much calmer than he was on his arrival. He simply loves affection but doesn’t force it. He’s formed a really strong bond with Jo and myself and is super with our kids.”

Riley was originally given prescription food to manage his urinary problem but following advice from Fish4Dogs’ vet and nutritionist, he was transitioned to Fish4Dogs Superior Weight Control food which has maintained his urinary pH levels at neutral and alleviated digestion problems that the prescription food was triggering.

Jo added: “His energy levels are much improved and we’re getting close to training Riley including that sitting on the sofa is for humans only – just the very odd indiscretion. He walks really well. His operation scars are completely healed and he’s starting to put on a little weight over his ribs and spine as he had been considerably underweight.

“Fish4Dogs Salmon oil has eliminated his dandruff and his coat is noticeably glossier. Despite a lack of interest in toys at the rescue centre, his play instinct has quickly developed, and he now loves fetching his balls, pulls toys and his teddy bear. We have a very happy dog and we are very happy new owners too.”

CEO of Birmingham Dogs Home, Giles said: “We are so pleased to hear Riley’s progress. He is a smashing little fella and clearly thriving on the super care he’s having. Knowing that he and Sadie are enjoying each other’s company is especially lovely to hear. I know that the team at BDH will be thrilled to hear how well he has adapted to his new home.”