Rescue dog lands on his paws after being adopted by a vet

A rescue dog who needed a life-saving operation has landed himself a new home with the vet who saved him, thanks to the RSPCA.

German Shepherd crossbreed Alfie was brought into the RSPCA’s care for rehoming in October 2017 after a change in his owner’s circumstances, but inspector Anthony Joynes was concerned for the elderly dog’s welfare.

Eleven-year old Alfie was covered in lumps and bumps, with a particularly large growth on his tail and his coat was very matted, so inspector Joynes knew a trip to the vets was needed.

Alfie was checked over by staff at Upton Vets in Merseyside, who were concerned about the large growth on his tail and booked him in for surgery the following day to have it amputated.

After spending the night with one of the practice’s vet nurses, Alfie underwent the successful surgery, along with a dental procedure and a much-needed haircut, carried out by vet Becky Taylor-MacAlpine.

After growing fond of Alfie, Becky agreed to foster him for two weeks until a kennel became available at the nearest RSPCA rehoming centre.

However, fast-forward three months and Alfie is still living with Becky, and her husband Dan.

Becky said: “We decided to keep Alfie long-term because he’s settled in so perfectly into the family. He’s one of ours now so we couldn’t send him anywhere else. He is doing really well and loves long walks and camping trips with our other rescue dog Boris – they are the best of friends and are inseparable and always up to mischief.”

The new home seems to have brought a new lease of life to the elderly dog too. Alfie has fully recovered from his operation, built up muscle in his legs and is now running around happily. He’s also put on 10kg since moving in with Dan and Becky.

RSPCA inspector Anthony Joynes, said: “Alfie was in a bit of a state when I first collected him, and even though he was getting on a bit in years, I knew he could be healthier and happier.

“Vet Becky and her team at the vet surgery did a cracking job of treating Alfie, particularly as those growths could be potentially been life threatening. I was so pleased that she formed a really strong bond with him – enough that she couldn’t part with him.”

Golden oldie, Alfie’s story will be told on Channel 5’s The Dog Rescuers tonight at 8pm.