Research shows that pets get us through the toughest of times

According to a recent survey, over 90% of owners say that their pet has helped them through stressful or traumatic times.

From grief to mental health issues, and recently, dealing with the consequences of the pandemic, pets are providing their owners with essential emotional support.

The research was carried out by Agria Pet Insurance as part of their ‘Age Amnesty’ campaign, which seeks to help more older pets benefit from insurance in their later years.

The survey examines owners’ relationships with their pets – and how these develop over time. Looking specifically at owners with pets aged over ten, the research found that the vast majority, 94% of their canine and feline friends had been ‘central to the life of their family’.

When it comes to the situations that pets help us with the most, coping with grief was the most common:

  • Coping with grief 42%
  • Loneliness 23%
  • Mental health issues 18%
  • Children leaving home/relationship break-up 11% each

Carolyn Menteith, Trainer and Behaviourist at Agria Pet Insurance shares her thoughts, “There’s something really special about older pets. Over the years, our relationships grow until they truly are out best friends. They listen to us when everyone else has long-since got bored, are always happy to see us, and we share a history of dun, adventures and love that seems to deepen with time.

“Maybe this year, even more than most, our pets have given us comfort, exercise and a sense of normality in crazy times. I’m delighted that Agria recognises this and is giving owners a chance to make sure they look after their older pets no matter what the future brings.”

The majority of owners – over 97% – reported that the bond with their pet has grown either ‘stronger’ or ‘significantly’ over the years.

Simon Wheeler, Managing Director of Agria Pet Insurance says: “Those of us with older pets totally understand the deepening bonds that develop as the years roll on. Across a year punctuated by Coronavirus, we have looked extensively at the critical role pets play in our lives and have had some incredibly stories and touching moments shared with us.

“Ensuring that our older pets can be protected with lifetime insurance helps to also safeguard this very special bond between the owner and their pet, helping them to enjoy happier, healthier older years as their dependency deepens.”