Review: Cool Cat Collars

Cool Cat Collars is a UK based company, which offers a wide range of handmade, stylish, and affordable cat collars.

They offer lots of designs to choose from, which include superhero patterns, velvet, stripes, sparkly and leather. They even have a vegan friendly selection of collars, which are a bit more expensive but look great.

I was delighted to be sent some collars from Cool Cat Collars to trial and review. My two cats, Snoopy and Pippy rarely wear collars, as they seem to manage to lose them easily, so I was eager to try these and see if they stood the Snoopy test.

I was sent three collars from the Single Velvet Range in the colours Bluewater, Blueberry and Olive. I loved the luxury style and feel of the collars. Plush velvet ribbon is used on the outside of the collar and the inside uses strong and durable webbing which ensures a long-lasting and secure fit for our feline friends.

They have an extended variety of colours to choose from in that range and prices start from £7.99, which I think considering the collars are handmade and the quality you get is well worth the money.

Pippy is wearing the Rosewater Single Velvet Collar

The cat test

I chose the Rosewater for Pippy and Blueberry for Snoopy.

The collars are easy to fit, with the snap open safety buckle. I love this feature on the collars as I’ve used collars previously which have framed buckles and they can be tricky when trying to fix onto your cat. They were easy to adjust and didn’t sit too tight around both cat’s neck.

Both Pippy and Snoopy have been wearing theirs for a few weeks now and have managed to keep them on and seem happy to wear them. The bells on the collars were louder than we’d like, and we ended up removing the one on Snoopy’s collar as he didn’t like the noise.

The big test was when they went outside, both cats are on the senior side of age, so they don’t go out for very long anymore. But when they did, they returned collar intact which is a big success.

Overall, we were pleasantly surprised by the collars, they looked great and are clearly well made, with our feline friends in mind. 

Not just collars

They don’t only sell cat collars. On the website, you can also buy ID Tags, Bells, Charms and Cat Toys. They have a great selection, and I even went on to order a Cat Nip Toy for Snoppy, which I knew he would love.

Find out more and start shopping at

Snoopy was wearing the Blueberry Single Velvet Collar