Review – ‘Feline Spooky’ Halloween box from Gus & Bella

With Halloween not too far away, what better way to celebrate with the cats in our lives than to enjoy a spooky themed subscription box from Gus & Bella.

The ‘Feline Spooky’ Halloween special box includes a total of 10 products for cats and their owners. Three treats for the owner and seven for the cat in your life.

For the owner the box offers a delightful three products and as a black cat owner myself, I loved the black cat Fluffy slippers by Wild Feet – I mean who doesn’t love slippers? They’re cosy and comfy and will definitely keep my feet warm through autumn and winter.














Also included for owners is a solid milk chocolate Halloween lolly treat by Hames Chocolate – for human paws only! And a cute and quirky scardy cat postcard designed by INNABOX.

Kitty treats

The spooky subscription box includes a whopping seven treats for your kitty and my two (Pippy & Snoopy) were very happy with the selection.












It includes a Treat Dispenser toy by Catit, which went down well with my two cats – I added some of the Health Treats by True Leaf Pet to the toy and they happily rolled it around to get their paws on the treats.

Also included is wet and dry natural food from Edgard Cooper, some Webbox Tasty Sticks – always a favourite with my cats, and a Handmade Kicker Toy by Etsy seller, Stanton’s Chums.

For Halloween fans with a moggy in their life, the Feline Spooky subscription box is fantastic – with a great array of products and treats for everyone! It comes well packed in a colourful box and with an explanation of each product.

How to get your paws on a box

Gus & Bella boxes are a great gift for any cat lover and can be purchased as a monthly subscription or a one-off gift. Or if you simply want to spoil yourself, they are a perfect cat lady (or cat dad) treat to enjoy each month!

The monthly subscription cost for the box is £29.90 or £31.90 bi-monthly. Or you can purchase a one-off Gift box – like the ‘Feline Spooky’ box at £32.95, all prices include delivery.

To order your ‘Feline Spooky’ box in time for Halloween, visit