Review – Republic of Cats monthly food service

Republic of Cats is a ‘revolutionary’ new cat concierge service that tailors food to your cats needs and taste preferences. To see if it holds up to the feline test – we reviewed their sample packs via Snoopy and Pippy.

Our two tasters are senior cats aged 11 and 12 with varying likes and dislikes when it comes to food. We we’re sent a taster pack for each kitty, which lasts around 30 days and includes tins of wet food and a sample pack of dry food.

Getting started

The sign-up process to the service is easy. They go through a series of questions about your pet, including their name, age, weight, and any ‘health goals’ you’d like to achieve. Both Pippy and Snoopy are very different cats – in terms of their personality and habits. For Pippy we chose to help reduce her weight slightly (she’s very much a house cat and not as energetic as Snoopy). However, for Snoopy we were looking to maintain his weight, as he goes out a lot more than his furry friend.

We only had to wait a few days for the boxes arrive, both labelled specifically for each cat. In each box along with many tins of food, there were documents – a ‘Passport’ – which details the food included in the box, flavours, ingredients etc and benefits to your pet.

Included in the Passport you get with the food are some fun stickers and an emergency WhatsApp number to contact if things don’t go entirely smoothly with the new food. Each box is personal to your cat and that just adds to the bespoke feel of the service.

We even received some fishy treats for both cats and a fun castle, which Snoopy really enjoyed testing out.

The taste test

Both cats have always had a varied diet, wet and dry food. Pippy suffers with stress induced cystitis so we try not to give her too much dry food to encourage water intake. They can both be fussy, so I was expecting a bit of resistance when first introduced to mealtimes.

The menu on offer came in a selection of shredded pieces, gravies and stews and pate, of all different flavours, including chicken and pork, fish and beef and tomato.

I was pleasantly surprised as both cats took to the new menu really well and they definitely had firm favourites, which included the shredded pieces and the pate choices. I alternated between the new food and their old wet food until they were used to the tasty tins. Pippy has always loved her food and pretty much hoovered up what was put in front of her. Snoopy was a little more cautious and took a few days before finishing a full tin.

The great thing about the tailored service of Republic of Cats is, if your kitty isn’t fond of one flavour or a type of food, you can choose to not include that in your next box.

All in all, the Republic of Cats taster pack was a success with both cats. As well as nutritional tasty food for your pet, it also gives you flexibility when choosing their food. For example, if one month they still have some left, you can change your delivery date and delay your next box.

It’s something that I’d certainly consider carrying on with as knowing what is best for your cat can be hard with so much choice out there.

I wouldn’t say it was a low budget option for cat owners as with two cats the monthly cost can add up. However, it does offer a personalised service that is conveniently delivered to your door – all in one box.

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