reveals best dog-friendly companies 2021® has revealed that two-thirds of dog owners would be more motivated to work in the office, rather than at home, if it were dog-friendly.

The research comes as Rover reveals its Best Dog-Friendly Companies 2021 report and follows its recent survey that found 42% of dog owners had welcomed a new dog into their family since the start of the pandemic.

Such is the want for pet colleagues that Brits even confessed to pups over PG Tips, with one in three (30%) willing to give up free tea and coffee in order to have dogs in the office. Nearly one in five of respondents would welcome allowing dogs in the office over private healthcare, flexible hours and Christmas parties, while one in six (14 per cent) said they would even forgo an annual bonus!

However, it appears workers are also aware of the perils of office pooches, with more than half (52%) of dog owners agreeing that ‘having a little accident’ in the office would be the most embarrassing behaviour their dog could display at work. Other cringe-worthy concerns include ‘cocking a leg’ up a desk (48%) and having ‘romantic urges’ with an office object or their boss’ leg (33 per cent).

Rover’s research also revealed that it’s not just workers who see the benefits of dogs in the office. Over four fifths (82%) of businesses featured in this year’s Best Dog-Friendly Companies report claim that being dog-friendly has positively impacted the hiring of new recruits in a competitive jobs market.

Rover’s extensive search revealed the businesses in the UK which had done the most to accommodate both owners and their pets, with consumer research company, Attest, taking the top spot. Rover’s Best Dog-Friendly Companies in the UK, include:

  1. Attest
  2. TaskRabbit Ltd
  3. Itch Petcare Limited
  4. Tailwise
  5. Procore Technologies
  6. Slightly Foxed
  7. Hug Pet Food
  8. Kontor
  9. Papier
  10. Tessian

Following a surge in pet adoption during the pandemic, it appears companies have been quick to react – one-third of those featured in this year’s Best Dog-Friendly Companies report have added additional dog-friendly company perks since March 2020. Some of the benefits offered include paid leave following adoption and bereavement, as well as the provision of pet birthday gifts and, in the case of Procore Technologies, dog-friendly happy hours known as “pawties”.

If you’re a company looking to make your office more pet friendly, or still trying to navigate working from home with your pet, visit the Rover website for more tips and to enter your company for the next report.