RSPCA appeal for special homes for outdoor only cats

The RSPCA Canterbury branch is appealing to local people to help rehome cats in need of outdoor space.

The branch is supporting an 80-year old many who need to find homes for the 29 cats that live on his smallholding in Kent.

Although he has been able to take care of them up until now, he is finding it overwhelming and has asked the charity for help.

Branch secretary, Natalie Archer, said: “We have a really good local community in Kent and a great track record with finding outdoor homes, but there seems to have been more cats coming in that usual this year, so we are putting out this appeal.

“All the cats have been neutered and had vet checks before being rehomed, although they wouldn’t thrive in a domestic environment, they do have big personalities, and some don’t mind being stroked.”

The branch is looking for people with space on farms, a smallholding, stables, yards and even large gardens with outdoor shelter.

Rosie Gilbert from Faversham, Kent, has rehomed eleven outdoor cats from the branch. She said: “Taking on rescue cats from the RSPCA has been so simple and it’s lovely to have cats around the yard, they keep themselves to themselves and don’t ever get into any bother with my dogs. We have plenty of space for everyone to get along, and we proudly display some of the adoption papers.

“Typical of cats nature but as I ignore their presence and get on with my jobs around the yard, I now find them enjoying my company and often seek me out. I totally recommend yard cats – I only wish I’d contacted the rescue centre earlier.”

RSPCA cat welfare expert, Alice Potter, said: “Wherever possible, the RSPCA will help to find homes for outdoor cats like these – who are now used to fending for themselves they would not be suited to a typical domestic environment.

“Farmland can make a good alternative for these cats as it gives them the space they need to roam around while providing a safe environment away from busy traffic. It also means they are provided with shelter and a food source without the stressful confined of sharing a home with people.”