RSPCA centre seeks special end of life home for ‘super sweet’ cat with skin cancer

An RSPCA animal centre in the West Midlands is urgently looking for a foster home for a cat with skin cancer to live out her remaining days.

Kitkat, who turned nine yesterday (15 June), has been at the charity’s Hillfield Animal Home in Stretton, Burton upon Trent, for nearly four months. She was brought in by an RSPCA inspector when her previous owner was no longer able to care for her.

The friendly black and white feline, who loves attention, is thought to have spent most of her life living outside and had been exposed to the sun for long periods.

As a result, cancerous growths had developed on the tops of both her ears, which had to be treated and removed when she came into RSPCA care. Sadly, in recent weeks, she’s also developed a bald patch on her back, which a vet says is likely to be consistent with the cancer having spread.

The charity says Kitkat’s story highlights the need for people to take extra care to protect their pets during the current hot spell, including using pet-safe sun cream on animals’ ears and other exposed areas if necessary.

Despite her diagnosis and ongoing treatment, Kitkat is described as a happy and affectionate cat, whose condition is currently not affecting her quality of life, and staff at Hillfield are determined to do everything they can to find her a loving foster home for the remainder of her life.

Administrator Cyan Hulland, said: “Despite her treatment and everything she’s been through, Kitkat has got a big personality and loves fuss and attention. She’ll happily sit on or next to you while you stroke her but will walk away when she wants to be left alone.

“We’re applying sunscreen to her skin daily, particularly in this current hot spell, and we’d urge other pet owners to take similar precautions to avoid their pets becoming sunburnt.

“Everyone here is extremely fond of Kitkat; she’s a very special cat who is still enjoying life and we think receiving palliative care in a foster home, where she’ll be loved and adored for however long she has left, is going to be the best option for her.

“We appreciate it’s not an easy thing for someone to do, but we really hope there’s a special person out there who is willing to take Kitkat on and provide her with much-needed comfort and security – out of a cattery environment – in her latter stage of life.”

Staff say that Kitkat would be fine in a family environment as she is good around young children. She may also be able to live with a friendly cat/s but not dogs. Any ongoing treatment relating to her current condition will also be fully funded by the animal home.

If you’re interested in offering Kitkat a foster home please call the centre on 01283 569165 or email