RSPCA hopes to find alternative homes for six starry-eyed cats

The RSPCA is hoping to find special homes for six cats who comes from a property with over 40 pets.

The black and white cats are looking for outdoor homes after they came into the care of the RSPCA Canterbury and District branch in Kent earlier this month.

Ebenfleazer Scrooge is hoping to find a new home before Christmas!

The cats, which have been given unusual names are Colin Feral, Leopardo DeCatrio, Ebenfleazer Scrooge, Fuz Aldrin, Cat Damon (above) and Mr Meowgi.

Tara Luxford, deputy manager at the RSPCA branch, said: “These cats all come from a multi-cat household and are now ready to find new homes. What we find with cats who have come from a property with a large number of other cats is that even though they have lived in a home environment before, they are often under-socialised with people and so to go from what is essentially a cat colony in a home to an owner-pet situation does not suit them.

“Sadly, when someone comes to look round an RSPCA centre, no one wants the cat that hides away and retreats, or the one that hisses when someone passes by, which is such a shame because although they are never going to be a lap cat they could be very happy in an alternative home.”

Last year, the Canterbury branch was involved in the Cat Friendly Homing trial working alongside International Cat Care to ensure that staff can identify specific behaviour that indicates that a cat is not socialised with humans and finding alternative homes where they can be happy, such as farms, smallholdings and gardens with a shed.

Tara added: “These cats have plenty of character! Cat Damon was ‘Bourne’ to be an outdoor cat, Fuzz Aldrin just needs his space, all Leopardo DeCatrio wants is to be king of the world, Mr Meowgi says there’s no such thing as a bad cat and Ebenfleazer Scrooge says, ‘Bah Humbug!’ unless you promise to give him a home before Christmas.”

If you can give any of these cats a home, you can contact the RSPCA Canterbury and District branch on 01227 719113.

The RSPCA rescued more cats than any other animal last year as it is revealed that the charity collected more than 22,000 as a result of calls to its national cruelty line.

This month the RSPCA launched a campaign for ‘Adoptober’ and is dedicating the month of October to raising awareness of its vital work finding homes for animals most in need.

In 2018, the RSPCA managed to find new homes for 23,893 cats – more than 450 every single week. To offer an RSPCA rescue cat a new home you can visit