RSPCA looking for alternative homes for cats in Kent

The RSPCA has renewed its appeal to find outdoor homes for cats in Kent as the charity has become overrun with semi-feral cats.

The RSPCA Canterbury branch has been working with the owner of a smallholding in Kent to help rehome a number of semi-feral cats.

So far, 18 cats have found homes but there are still 10 more moggies looking for a smallholding farm, warehouse or shed to call their own.

Tara Luxford, deputy manager at the RSPCA Canterbury branch, said: “We are overrun with semi-ferral cats who have been living on a smallholding in Kent. Many of these cats do not cope well at all in a cattery environment so we are very keen to find alternative homes for them very soon.

“The homes don’t necessarily have to be a smallholding or a farm, they can be as simple as a shed at the bottom of the garden, a warehouse, or even a recycling centre where we recently rehomed an outdoor cat.

“The Canterbury branch has been working with international Cat Care Consultant Vicky Halls with a rehoming pilot which aims to spot the signs that a cat is not suited for a rehoming centre of home environment so that they can go directly to an alternative lifestyle home. The hope is that this can then prevent these cat becoming very stressed in a cattery and find them great, alternative homes much more quickly.

“Sadly, these kind of cats, who aren’t going to be really friendly and want a fuss when people come to visit, end up being with us for much longer and the right kind of home for them are few and far between. Anyone who is interested in having a cat lodger and can provide them with food, water, shelter and veterinary treatment when needed, please get in touch with us.”

Bungle is one of four kittens who are around 16 weeks old and have been living in a feral cat colony. Hamlet is a two-year old ginger male who has been a stray for many years and is seeking an outdoor lifestyle.

Ronnie is a four-year old black male cat who arrived at RSPCA care from a multi-cat household. He did not get along with the other cats and spent two years of his life locked in the bathroom. He is not coping well in the cattery and is desperate need of an outdoor home.

These are just a handful of the many outdoor cats looking for homes at the RSPCA. For more information, or to offer any of these cats at home, you can contact the RSPCA Canterbury branch on 01227 719113.

RSPCA cat welfare expert, Alice Potter said: “Wherever possible, the RSPCA will help to find homes for outdoor cats like these – who are now so used to fending for themselves they would not be suited to a typical domestic environment.

“Farmland can make a good alternative for these cats as it gives them the space, they need to road around while providing a safe environment away from busy traffic. It also means they are provided a safe environment away from busy traffic.

“It also means they are provided with shelter and a food source without the stressful confines of sharing a home with people.”