RSPCA reveal ‘most unloved’ breeds of dog in their care

This Valentine’s Day, The RSPCA reveals the ‘most unloved’ breeds of dogs who struggle to fund their perfect partner.

The average time it takes to rehome a dog in RSPCA care is 38 days, but sadly for some of the animals in the charity’s care they have to wait a little bit longer.

The latest data from the charity shows that Rhodesian Ridgebacks have waited the longest for their forever homes, with an average stay of 118 days, while English Bull Terrier crosses wait 97 days and American Bulldogs 76 days.

Despite recently being voted Britain’s most loved dog, Staffordshire Bull Terriers are the most frequently seen dog breed in RSPCA care and also wait longer than average for love – 47 days.

Lisa Hens, pet welfare expert at the RSPCA, said: “The staff who care for our animals day in and day out know just how loveable each and every one is and how different they are from one another but we do find that dogs of some breeds sadly take longer to find their perfect match.

“This is probably due to a combination of reasons. For example, size or beliefs about particular breeds and types can stop people from even considering the possibility of adopting certain dogs. And with so many of the same type of dog in our care, it can be difficult for individuals to stand out from the crowd, despite their great potential. Sadly, in some cases, animals are overlooked just because of how they look.

“We would urge anyone looking for a pet to do their research, especially as the reputation of a particular breed or type is often undeserved. Just like people, all dogs are individuals and they should find out if they are a good match for that particular animal to see if they can offer them a loving home.”

Smaller breeds tend to wait less time for example Toy Poodle cross spend the least amount of time looking for a home within the 14 that the RSPCA rehomed waiting an average of ten days, pugs wait an average of 12 days and Shih-tzu crosses 14 days.

This Valentine’s Day, the RSPCA is showcasing the pets in its care who have been waiting the longest.

Blue the Lucher has been in RSPCA care for a total of 455 days and during that time has seen many of his kennel mates find their forever come at the RSPCA’s Suffolk East and Ipswich branch.

Blue first went into RSPCA care in May 2017 as his previous owner was unable to look after him and was rehomed the following month. Unfortunately, he returned to RSPCA care in November 2017 and has been reserved only once since, which sadly fell through.

Centre Manager, Zoe Barrett, said: “If you want a dog to for and sit and have a cuddle with all the staff here, go and sit with Blue. He is a real favourite for all of us- we absolutely adore him and just want to see him settle in a long-term home.”

If you think you could give Blue or any of the dogs waiting for new homes in RSPCA you can visit