RSPCA Sheffield helps transform poorly kittens

The RSPCA Sheffield branch has helped to transform the lives of three kittens who were born with conditions affecting their legs and mobility.

Their mum, Magnolia, was dropped off at the animal centre with four kittens in March 2021 by a member of the public who said she had given birth to kittens in his garden but was unable to look after them. The kittens were around 10 days old.

Black and white cat Magnolia was missing half of her tail and needed entropion surgery as she was suffering from strabismus, or misaligned eyes. Once her babies started to grow, the staff at the centre soon realised that they also had health issues.

Olle, the white and spotted male tabby, was diagnosed with swimmers syndrome affecting his front legs which means his legs would splay out in front of him from his elbow forcing him to slide around on his chest. Vitex, the dilute tortie, also has swimmers syndrome affecting her back legs which meant she would slide around on her tummy. Bottlebrush, the torti and white, was diagnosed with dwarfism meaning that her legs are too small and out of proportion with the rest of her body. Of the four kittens, only Tipu, the grey tabby, wasn’t suffering from any condition.

Hayley Crookes, Animal Care Lead at RSPCA Sheffield branch, said: “Our amazing vets jumped into action to help the kittens and it was decided that we would keep them at the centre in a padded pen with a strict physiotherapy programme. This was mainly for Olle and Vitex to strengthen their muscles and move them into the place they needed to be when walking around.

“It was really touch-and-go for Olle at the start of his rehabilitation but amazingly after a few weeks we saw some fantastic improvements and soon Olle and Vitex could support their own weight, run around and play! We also found that Bottlebrush could cope with her condition really well and so once they were weaned from their mum, they were placed into foster care and we found them special forever homes.”

Two-year-old Magnolia has also now found her forever home completing the happy ending for the family.

The RSPCA Sheffield branch in Stadium Way rehomes around 200 animals a year and relies on generous donations from the public to continue to help the animals in Sheffield and South Yorkshire.

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