RSPCA urging animal lovers to take on marathon challenge

The RSPCA is urging animal lovers to sign-up to run the Brighton Marathon 2019 to raise money to help animals in need.

The animal welfare charity has 14 spaces for Brighton Marathon next year and is urging people to don their running shoes and take on the challenge for Team Animal.

Grace Harris-Bridge, an inspector in Thanet, Kent started working for the RSPCA in 2016 as a farm livestock officer, will be running the marathon in 2019.

The 29-year old’s ambition has always been to become an inspector for the charity and completed her training in June this year.

She said: “Running a marathon has always been a goal of mine. In my new role as an inspector, I’ve seen just how massive an impact the RSPCA has on such a wide variety of animals, improving their welfare and educating the public. I am incredibly proud to work for the RSPCA, which is why I have chosen to run the Brighton Marathon 2019 to raise funds for the incredible work they do.”

Grace recently helped an eight-year old cat who was suffering from severe flea allergies receive the help she needed and find a new home.

Last year, Brighton Marathon runners and their supporters raised and impressive £7,000 for the charity, which could help to pay for all the food in one of the RSPCA animal centres for six- month, or all of the vet costs for the four wildlife centres for six weeks.

For more information or to sign-up for Brighton Marathon on April 14 next year, you can visit