Run with the pack this National Fitness Day

A group of pooches celebrate National Fitness Day (September 26) with a daily pack run through the wilderness.

The London based dog running service, Milo’s Dog Running, offers dogs physical exercise, socialisation and mental stimulation by giving them an environment whereby they can swim, run around in long grass and sniff about in the woods.

In partnership with True Instinct, the raw and raw-inspired brand by Natures Menu, the two organisations are promoting the importance of a dog’s diet and need for exercise.

Founder of Milo’s Dog Running, Milo Royds, said: “Dogs were born to run; run with the pack, run to hunt, run for fun, but most dogs are not getting enough exercise as time poor owners are only able to pound the pavements with them on lead.

“We love exploring nature with our daily runs, and raw feeding is in keeping with our philosophy of giving dogs the life that satisfies their canine instincts.”

Craig Taylor, Managing Director of Natures Menu, said: “Dogs need a nutritious and balanced diet to keep them healthy – feeding your pooch raw food can help them to thrive and improve their overall wellbeing. It shouldn’t just stop at their diet as dogs also need the necessary exercise and with many owners generally time, they often don’t get out as much as they hope with their canine companions.”

To get involved with Milo’s Dog Running, visit or email or call 07990587308.