Settle into spring with your own sunny spots

With the weather turning warmer in spring, pets have a natural knack to gravitate towards the sunniest spot in the home.

Not a care in the world, pets enjoy basking in the warm, radiant sun whilst curling up into a ball on your favourite sofa or window sill.

Has there ever been a time that you’ve watched them quietly slink off into the home only to find them posted in the middle of the kitchen floor with a stream of light beaming through the window comforting them?

Pets have a natural knack to gravitate towards these microclimates, so they can benefit in either the gentle breeze that wafts through a slightly ajar window or bask in the light that seeps in.

Katherine Westermann, Media Relations Manager at VELUX, commented: “Here at VELUX, we want to give people a sense of the beautiful outdoors from inside their home. Our products are designed to bring that natural endorphin rush you might get from taking your first steps outside on a warm day. People instinctively feel happy.

“The different ranges can light up all sorts of what you might have thought to be hard to reach spots that don’t get enough exposure. This ultimately changes homeowner’s behaviour in a room as they stop ignoring these darker areas.”

VELUX highlight how to create your owner perfect sunny spot to enjoy with your pets:


Don’t be afraid to move furniture to allow for this new space to come into existence. You might be set in your ways with your present arrangement which is stopping you from breaking out of the mold. Change your perspective by facing your furniture towards the window rather than into the room. Bring your side tables closer to chairs so you settle back uninterrupted from closing your book to drifting into a relaxing slumber. Never underestimate the new sense of reinvigoration these simple changes can make to your life.


Sometimes you might have to break some eggs to make an omelette and roofs to don’t have to be restrictive in bringing light into a loving home. At VELUX there are amazing windows to completely transform space and you’ll find that the installation process isn’t nearly as painful as you might have thought.


Throughout life we’re always evolving, ever changing together. What furniture you started with at home might not excite you as much as it did then. You can shop around to find new sofas or chairs to create and embracing living space, but that can become expensive. It doesn’t have to be that way. With some clever sleuthing you can find some great frameworks in charity shops and can be transformed by reupholstering with warm fabrics. And better yet, you’ll feel all the better for doing it yourself.

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