Shy cats deserve some love too, says RSPCA

The RSPCA is urging potential adopters not to overlook shy cats in catteries.

Cats can be timid for many reasons and the RSPCA is asking potential adopters not to overlook shy kitties in their catteries.

A cat can be shy for a number of reasons, they may have been through a trauma, they could still be very young and learning the ropes, or they might be feeling overwhelmed and frightened in a cattery environment.

There are two shy cats currently looking for homes at RSPCA Southall Cattery in Hounslow.

Lisbon and Lagos came from a multi-cat household where they had little human interaction and were rescued by the RSPCA in December 2018 along with four other cats.

Sam Watson, RSCPA cat welfare expert said: “Sadly, when someone comes to look round an RSPCA centre, few people are interested in the cat that hides away and retreats, or the one that hisses when someone passes by, which is such a shame because although they may never be a lap cat, they could be very happy in a home.

“Sometimes cats come out of their shell once they leave the cattery environment and so it all takes is for someone to give them a chance and they might become wonderful companions. Equally, these chaps might never grow much bolder, so it is important that their new owner is someone who is patient and kind who allows them to just be themselves.”

Tabby cat Lisbon is one-years old and Lagos the ginger cat is two-years old. They are both timid boys who will need a family who are experienced with shy cats.

As they have lived together previously but are not very close, they could be rehomed together or separately. Staff advise that they need to be able to go outside as they are quite independent and would prefer an adult-only home.

Aneel Odwhani, animal care assistant at RSPCA Southall said: “After everything they have been through, they really do deserve a second chance at happiness.”

To give either of these cats a loving home, you can contact the RSPCA Southall Cattery on 0300 123 0746.