Skinny terrier almost doubles in weight in just two months with RSPCA

A skinny, balding terrier who was extremely underweight and suffering from a severe flea infestation has been rescued by the RSPCA.

Ten-year old terrier cross Jackie was in a terrible state when she was signed over to RSCPA inspectors and taken in by the charity’s Sheffield Animal Centre on 13 September.

RSPCA Sheffield anima centre manager, Tammy Wilson said: “When Jackie arrived, she was in a real state. She weighed just 11.4kg – around half the weight she should’ve been – and had an appalling flea infestation that left her chewing and scratching herself. She was so sore, and her fur was falling out.

“With just a few months of veterinary treatment, good food and lots of TLC, this special girl is now back up to a much healthier 20.2kg and her fur is growing back. She still is more weight to gain and we expect her fur to return to normal but we’re happy that she’s ready to find a new home where she can continue her recovery.”

Jackie is looking for an adult-only home or a family with older teenage children, where she’ll be the only pet. She’s very clever and knows lots of commands and is happy being left home alone for short periods of time. Despite her age, she’s young at heart, and is extremely affectionate.

Tammy added: “She’s such a happy and friendly girl and we can’t wait to see her enjoying life in a wonderful new home. She’s a charming dog who walks nicely on the lead and adores spending time with people. She’ll thrive in a quieter home where she can have all the love and attention.

“She can be quite snatchy around food so she needs owners who can give her time to learn so that she’ll never go hungry again. She’s polite and friendly with other dogs when out and about but she’d prefer to be the only dog in her new home, so she doesn’t have to worry about sharing resources.”

If you think you can offer Jackie a new home, you can find out more about her online or call Sheffield Anima Centre on 01142 898050.